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Chocolate Needs No Introduction

Love Chocolate? Then you must visit Gallo’s! Gallo’s are famous on the Tablelands for the best handmade chocolates you will ever indulge in, all made on site by hand, by our highly skilled chocolatiers. Utilising the finest ingredients and the freshest milk, just one Gallo chocolate will have you coming back for more. We have handmade truffles, bars, chocolate coated treats of all different kinds and specialty chocolates to satisfy the sweet tooth of every chocolate connoisseur.

At Gallo Dairyland, we source and temper some of the finest couvertures in the world to achieve our own irresistible chocolate.

The process of blending and tempering involves changing the physical structure of the raw chocolate through rapid heating and cooling - bringing out the flavors, textures and aromas in much the same way as coffee blending and roasting.

The art of blending and tempering is what distinguishes fine chocolate and has been practiced for over 100 years by the finest chocolatiers in the world.

Once blended and tempered, Gallo Dairyland chocolate is then ready to create an array of wonderful products.

Take a look at some of our famous handmade chocolates

Gallo Dairyland delicately hand craft the most beautiful chocolate made from the finest Swiss couverture. Couverture must be tempered before use to stabilize the cocoa butter. This process involves heating and cooling repeatedly giving a glossy finish and a hard-crisp consistency.




The Café / Restaurant is fully air-conditioned capable of seating 100 people. Dairyland offers a wholesome menu from 9:30am. Join us for a late breakfast, lunch or morning and afternoon tea.


The Cheese Factory is open to visitors. See where we make the cheese and watch the DVD presenting the factory in operation as well as footage of the dairy farm working.


At Gallo Dairyland, we source, blend and temper some of the finest couvertures in the world to achieve our own irresistible chocolate right here in Atherton.

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